Born May 29 1982, Davis Yancy Clegg entered into this world destined to be an artist of all walks from day one. In the earliest years, Yancy's father was his main influence. A songwriter and recording artist himself, he was able to lend insight into the pursuance of a seemingly unattainable dream.

Through his adolescent years, Yancy was trained in classical and modern music through nearly twelve years of music theory instruction. Playing the piano, drums, saxophone, auxiliary percussion, finding an original style was catered by more than enough resources and trials. As a sophomore at Pearl High School in Pearl,MS, Yancy decided to put his untrained voice behind a new instrument, the guitar.

Once at Mississippi State University, an opportunity to showcase what he had been developing presented itself in the form of open mic nights around the small college town of Starkville, MS. Open mic nights turned into paid gig offers and those turned into a full time effort. In 2003, Yancy decided it was time for a change of scenery.

After a move to Jacksonville, FL, he found himself playing shows semi-locally 4-5 nights a week. In August of 2006, in collaboration with friends/musicians, Yancy released his first record, "In Spite of it All," and has since sold copies in the 1000's. Currently the 2nd installment to Clegg's discography is underway and anticipated with enthusiasm by fans.


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